Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Let 'em Know 5K


Our UTAH Community Support Network group is getting ready for the NFXF Let ‘Em Know virtual 5K.  Awareness month is just around the corner and we need to get ready.  Whether you are an experienced fundraiser or a novice, this is the easiest fundraising you will ever do.  You set up a page and then send the link to your family and friends asking they support you in your fundraising efforts.   There is the opportunity to personalize your page with a family photo and share your Fragile X story.  The funds raised through NFXF’s Let ‘Em Know 5k Virtual Event supports the mission of the Foundation and therefore directly benefits all individuals and families living with Fragile X both locally within our group and nationally.

Attached are instructions for setting up your own fundraising page under our Utah Community Support Network Team page.  We have set a goal of $10,000 as a group.  Please send the link to your fundraising page to your personal network or family and friends, whether they know about Fragile X or not. This is your opportunity to not only help raise funds but also to create Fragile X awareness on a larger scale to those who may never come into contact with it.  

We will be sending out Awareness Facts and other Fragile X messaging throughout July and will be sure to forward it along so you can share this information with your family and friends.

Directions: Follow the link below to our page and then hit JOIN this event.  You will then have 2 options: START  your fundraising page or REGISTER for this event.  In order to get a LEK15 t-shirt and race bib you must hit REGISTER. From this page you will be able to both order your t-shirt and set up your fundraising page.  If you do not wish to register for a t-shirt you can hit JOIN and that will take you directly to the page where you will set up your personal fundraising page.  The instructions attached will also give detailed step by step instructions should you need more information.

Thank you for helping make a difference!

My Baby who has Fragile X enjoying the scope at the nearby park